Icetool is a Finnish designer brand of high quality snus accessories, established in 2003.  Our story started with the legendary Icetool snus portioner and since we have added the stylish and durable snus cans to our collection. Whether you enjoy loose snus, portion snus or nasal snus, we have the perfect set of tools for you. Icetool is all about high-quality materials, pure clean lines and simplicity. The sleek and stylish aluminium or stainless steel body comes in many color choices to compliment every user. Whether your are chilling in the park, wandering in the forest, climbing a mountain or popping up at a posh bar in the city, Icetool will follow you. We offer wide range of Skruf snus and nicotine pouches products at Also feel free to check out other snus and nicotine pouches brands from smokeless tobacco world what you havn't tried yet from our selection.


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