Islay Whisky SNUS

Islay Whisky SNUS

Buy Islay Whiske snus at The Royal Snus Online! Islay Whiskey is a snus produced in Jämtland. There, the company retrieves tasty tobacco from, among others, Nicaragua and South Africa. The tobacco is then slowly sweating in the heating room. Islay Whisky is done according to old traditions, instead of pasteurisation, which is the usual cooking process of tobacco today. The reason for picking up this tradition is that the quality of snus increases and gives the finished snus a cleaner and clearer character of tobacco. The finished Islay Whisky snus is then flavored with single malt whiskey. Islay Whisky manufacturer is GN Tobacco. GN Tobacco are also well known for products like Siberia snus, Odens snus, Olde Ving snus, White Fox nicotine pouches, Byron snus, Bull Dog nicotine pouches, Lenny snus, Anglaholm snus, Islay Whiskey snus, Taboca snus and more. 


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My name is ISLAY WHISKY Snus, but people also call me ...

The original and correct name of ISLAY WHISKY products are ISLAY WHISKY snus, but in each country there is different ways how they call them - ISLAY WHISKY nuuska, ISLAY WHISKY prill, ISLAY WHISKY prilla, ISLAY WHISKY nicopods, ISLAY WHISKY snuff, ISLAY WHISKY снюс, ISLAY WHISKY pouch, ISLAY WHISKY pouches, ISLAY WHISKY nicotine bags, ISLAY WHISKY nicotine pillows, ISLAY WHISKY chew bags, ISLAY WHISKY nico pods, ISLAY WHISKY chewing tobacco, ISLAY WHISKY chew, ISLAY WHISKY dip, ISLAY WHISKY dipping tobacco, ISLAY WHISKY snuss, ISLAY WHISKY السويدية snus, ISLAY WHISKY smokeless tobacco, ISLAY WHISKY bag under your lip, ISLAY WHISKY snus suédois, ISLAY WHISKY sachets de nicotine, ISLAY WHISKY Snus sueca, ISLAY WHISKY bolsas de nicotina and much more. Order all of ISLAY WHISKY snus at The Royal Snus Online shop!

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