The Royal Snus GAME CENTRE

Let's have some fun! We have created some snus games for your entertainment to spend your free time with your favorite products. These games are and always will be free to use for The Royal Snus Online Shop guests. Choose your game, sit back, relax and score the credits!

The Royal SNUS CRUSH- game made for entusiastic snus cans crushers where you can find all of your favourite products as General, Siberia, Odens, Jakobssons, Loop, XQS and much more. Just slide the finger with similar snus cans next to each other and crush your tower or line with the same products. On the top of the game you will find the score tab with your crushed snus cans score. It is a simple game to make your day more relaxed during the lazy hours. Keep in mind that time is running and also once you leave the game, the score will dissapear, so keep going untill you score the best result!
You can quit the game any time, just use the guide on the top of the game what will take you back to our shop.

Enjoy the crush!



Snus Matching Game- this game is created to train your memory skills as always with your daily prefered snus and nicotine pouches products like- Odens, Siberia, LYFT, Göteborgs Rapé, ACE SuperWhite, General and much more. This snus game is easy to play, but it needs your full attention to remember the products under the cards. Each card contains one product image and once you open your chosen card you will find the product image what should match with another card. (Each step has 2 cards to go) Once you have matched 2 cards of the same type- the combination is made and you can keep matching other cards. On the top of the game you will find score and time what will make th eresult of your game- less movements, faster memory skills will make you better credits!

Enjoy Snus Matching game!




These games are made only for entertainment purposes and are not for commercial use.

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