Buy KARDUS snus at The Royal Snus Online! Kardus has been a vintage snus in the Swedish Match range since 2005 and in 2015 the brand was lifted into the Swedish Match brand General. General Kardus is Swedish Match's most is the most expensive high quality snus. This is the result when our snus creators get to work out a snus with special properties that apply to taste and experience. Swedish Match use quality ingredients and seasonings and productions are accurate and time consuming. Special vintage is the tobacco in General Kardus is always all lamina, which means that it is only the finest parts of the tobacco that others (the middle vertebrae have been removed and only the leaves other.) In addition, the tobacco is in 0.72 mm strips according to the single cut method , which gives a completely different type of taste experience and feeling under the lip than ground loose snus. We offer wide range of Swedish Match snus and nicotine pouches products at www.TheRoyalSnus.com. Also feel free to check out other snus and nicotine pouches brands from smokeless tobacco world what you havn't tried yet from our selection. 

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