Buy RÖDA LACKET snus at The Royal Snus Online! RÖDA LACKET snus is second oldest snus brand on the Swedish market. RÖDA LACKET snus recipe was created already in the 18th century and the brand was registered in 1850. Today, Swedish Match is manufactured by snuff. The taste of RÖDA LACKET snus is mild and fruity with a hint of licorice. RÖDA LACKET snus is finely ground which makes RÖDA LACKET loose snus easy to bake into a prilla that forms under the lip. Swedish Match are also well known for products like Kaliber snus, ONE snus, ONYX snus, ZYN nicotine pouches, THE LAB snus, XR nicotine pouches, MUSTANG snus, XRANGE snus, Göteborgs Rapé snus, Tre Ankare snus, General snus, G.3 snus, G.4 snus, ETTAN snus, Nick & Johnny snus, KRONAN snus, CATCH snus and more. 

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What is Röda Lacket snus and why to buy it at The Royal Snus Online shop?

Röda Lacket has experienced many changes over the years. In 2006, we boosted the flavors and the can was given a new design. However, it’s still the same snus that is easily formed in to a portion with a rich tobacco taste. Röda Lacket has been a bearer of Swedish snus tradition for more than 100 years. The story of Röda Lacket began in Sweden, way back in the 1700s with Petter Swartz. He grew up in Bergslagen, but later moved to Norrköping where he opened his own snus factory in 1753. At the height of production, the family’s tobacco crops covered an area of more than 50 soccer fields around Norrköping. They also made a name for themselves by not selling snus in the standard paper cones of the time, but in their beautifully designed metal boxes. Order all of RÖDA LACKET snus at The Royal Snus Online shop!

RÖDA LACKET Snus products meets GOTHIATEK® quality standards. What is GOTHIATEK® quality standards?

Swedish Match is the only snus company in the world to guarantee its consumers that each snus can meets the GOTHIATEK® requirements. By GOTHIATEK®, Swedish Match impose stricter requirements on the content of the company's products than both the Swedish food regulation and the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation (TobReg) do regarding the maximum amounts of undesirable compounds in smokeless tobacco products. GOTHIATEK® entails that Swedish Match imposes demands on the ingredients used and thus works only with selected types of tobacco and selected growers. The soil must be given the right conditions in order for the crops to attain the right quality. The tobacco needs to be treated with the greatest care even after it has been harvested. Swedish Match follows an extremely detailed production process, with each stage monitored and analyzed, to guarantee that the company supplies the best and safest snus in the world to its customers.Swedish Match believes that consumers and the public have a right to know what the company knows about snus. Accordingly, Swedish Match communicates and provides information about GOTHIATEK® and the company’s products and their contents. Swedish Match are proud of what they have accomplished, but they strive towards products with even higher quality and even lower undesirable substances. Swedish Match continue to develop GOTHIATEK® in pace with new findings, innovations and technological achievements.

My name is RÖDA LACKET Snus, but people also call me ...

The original and correct name of RÖDA LACKET products are RÖDA LACKET snus, but in each country there is different ways how they call them - RÖDA LACKET nuuska, RÖDA LACKET prill, RÖDA LACKET prilla, RÖDA LACKET nicopods, RÖDA LACKET snuff, RÖDA LACKET снюс, RÖDA LACKET pouch, RÖDA LACKET pouches, RÖDA LACKET nicotine bags, RÖDA LACKET nicotine pillows, RÖDA LACKET chew bags, RÖDA LACKET nico pods, RÖDA LACKET chewing tobacco, RÖDA LACKET chew, RÖDA LACKET dip, RÖDA LACKET dipping tobacco, RÖDA LACKET snuss, RÖDA LACKET السويدية snus, RÖDA LACKET smokeless tobacco, RÖDA LACKET bag under your lip, RÖDA LACKET snus suédois, RÖDA LACKET sachets de nicotine, RÖDA LACKET Snus sueca, RÖDA LACKET bolsas de nicotina and much more.

RÖDA LACKET is a popular brand of Swedish snus that offers a range of flavors and strengths to suit different preferences. Snus is a type of smokeless tobacco that originated in Sweden and has gained popularity in recent years as a safer alternative to cigarettes and other forms of smokeless tobacco. RÖDA LACKET snus is made with high-quality ingredients and has a reputation for providing a consistent and satisfying experience. Unlike traditional chewing tobacco, snus does not require spitting and can be discreetly used in public. Give RÖDA LACKET snus a try and experience the unique taste of Swedish snus for yourself.

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